Up to 300 (or more) extra full color glossy pages can be added to Fedhealth’s 266-page It’s A Disaster! preparedness and first aid manuals so communities can personalize books with your own title, logos, maps, emergency plans, special needs data and more. And FSC can work with your contacts at civic clubs, business clubs and nonprofits encouraging members and others to place ads inside books for pennies on the dollar. The money raised will purchase books PLUS allow you to share revenue with local responders, American Legion Posts, Chambers, Rotarys, Student Clubs and others.

For example, FSC can...

  • Partner with your city and county officials and Local Emergency Planning Committee to help decide what emergency data and messages should be added to books for public education;

  • Partner with your contacts at American Legions, Chambers, Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis and other business groups (if needed) and have their members advertise in books, or collaborate with local newspapers or college's Marketing or Advertising Clubs, and share ad revenues as undedicated cash donations back with partners (see examples below);

  • Encourage advertisers to give discounts, freebies, coupon and QR codes on day-to-day products and services to help incentivize the public and save them money on supplies and daily needs;

  • Split ad revenues between various groups helping coordinate the project (percentages can be whatever you want them to be (e.g. 50%, 25%, 10%, etc.) and given to whatever groups & agencies you decide).

“It’s A Disaster!” custom book projects benefit First Responders and Whole Communities

Or say your community wants 5,000 books with 250 pages of color ads @ $0.16 full page  

 (Total cost to advertisers: $800 full page color ad / $400 1/2 pg / $200 1/4 pg / $100 1/8 pg)

Fedhealth Services Corp (FSC) can help your agency or organization coordinate the resources of public-private partners to do community wide custom book projects and benefit local communities’ emergency management and first responder agencies, nonprofits, businesses and the general public.

A portion of book proceeds will benefit the U.S. First Responders Association

  • Consider doing different custom versions on large or multi-county/regional projects (e.g. 5,000 per version) to further personalize books and help with ad costs and options for small businesses.

  • Earn additional revenues for ads or logos on book covers, full bleed ads, special placement, etc.

  • Allow advertisers to purchase extra books for their employees and/or customers at $7 cost delivered and those extra copies mean free additional exposure for all advertisers!

  • Give books to chambers, advertisers, schools, Scouts, EM, Fire, Police or Health Departments, volunteer groups, churches and others to help disseminate materials to your local communities.

Nothing is cast in stone so be creative with this customizable program and FSC can help manage your book project. The goal is to generate excitement so businesses line up year after year to be involved in something so beneficial to the community and something so affordable ~ especially since books and ads stay in front of people year-round. And, by offering extremely discounted ad rates as shown above, it allows all sizes of businesses to participate. The public will look forward to the latest book each year that helps them save money on day-to-day products and services.   

It’s a true Whole Community Preparedness program that generously funds first responders, nonprofits, volunteer groups, civic clubs and others while helping our nation become more resilient and prepared.

As FYI, we do need to print a minimum of 20,000 books at a time so if your community does a smaller project (e.g. 5,000 units and up), we'll just bundle it with other prints. Also, our regular 266-page book has 12 blank pages that can be customized in the print process and that smaller version -- and red books -- are only $4.50 each delivered in bulk.

Call FSC today at 520-907-2153 to plan out a book project for YOUR community and let’s make a difference together!

Download & share 2-page overview with funding examples in PDF

Fedhealth Services Corp

Say your community wants 20,000 books with 250 pages of color ads @ $0.16 full page  

 (Total cost to advertisers: $3,200 full page [4”x7”] color ad / $1,600 1/2 pg / $800 1/4 pg / $400 1/8 pg)

Free portion of Its A Disaster book in PDF

Download & share 2-page overview in PDF