Looking for advertisers:  FSC is looking for advertisers/partners interested in purchasing premiere spots and color ads on glossy pages inside front and back of 20,000+ preparedness and first aid manuals for D/FW metro in this inaugural print.

Pricing for color ads on glossy paper with margins in back of custom paperbacks:

  •  full page $.24 (4.9” x 7.9” / cost = $.24 x 20,000 books = $4,800)
  •  1/2 pg $.12 (4.9” x 3.8” / cost = $.12 x 20,000 books = $2,400)
  •  1/3 pg $.08 (4.9” x 2.5” / cost = $.08 x 20,000 books = $1,600)

FSC and USFRA Dallas-Fort Worth book project (Looking for advertisers)

Fedhealth Services Corp

The U.S. First Responders Association (USFRA) – with initial funding from Jägermeister – has an opportunity we’d like to invite you to participate in, and it benefits our nation’s first responders.

Project focus: We plan to print 20,000+ custom disaster preparedness and first aid manuals filled with hundreds of ads offering savings and freebies on all types of goods and services for the Dallas-Fort Worth (TX) area by summer 2019.

Fedhealth Services Corp will manage the entire book project for USFRA and offer 20% commissions on all referred ads placed in books. FSC will have paperbacks delivered FREE to all participating advertisers based on their level of support. And we’ll print a few thousand extra copies for D/FW area first responder families.

For 20 years
Fedhealth has been customizing our 266-page books for government agencies, businesses and organizations across North America. Now we are expanding books to include a few hundred pages of ads to encourage people to keep the book with them to save money on everyday items, as well as things to help families get prepared for emergencies and disasters. (Download a free 59-pg portion of book in PDF)

Download ad media kit  (9-pg PDF) and share it & earn 20% referral $$$)

or share above overview (1-pg PDF)

Premiere ads on glossy paper in front special full bleed section of custom paperbacks:

  •  full bleed 2-page spread $.50 (10-3/4” x 8-3/8” / cost = $.50 x 20,000 books = $10,000)
  •  full bleed 1-pg $.30 (5-3/8” x 8-3/8” / cost = $.30 x 20,000 books) = $6,000)

Premiere spots on back and inside covers also available but first come/first serve ~ call 903-343-5191.

FSC will negotiate great deals and can take half down with balance due before we print this summer. We also will discount rates for advertisers who pay in full, offer discounts to nonprofits and government agencies, and provide several additional benefits.  Download 9-page ad media kit in PDF

20% Referral commissions - FSC will pay 20% of gross ad sale commission for referrals so share this handout and media kit with business contacts you know in D/FW area, or any companies or groups who’d like to market to those communities and support first responders and military, and have them contact us.

And remember, ad revenues pay for USFRA’s custom books to be delivered to all advertisers and some local first responders for their family, and proceeds benefit the U.S. First Responders Association supporting America’s heroes.

Please call FSC today at 903-343-5191 and let’s make a difference together!

Download & share 9-page ad media kit with rates, specs, referral program ideas, etc.

or share below overview in 1-pg PDF.